Working in the UK - Portugal


​Solsbury Solutions are expanding and   we're looking to recruit candidates in Portugal to join our team. We are   looking for motivated and determined   individuals interested in embarking on   a new opportunity in the UK. 

The opportunity will involve working   in the manufacturing, warehousing   and hospitality industries on 16-20   week contracts in various cities   across the UK. 

 Solsbury Solutions Ltd have over 14   years experience in looking after   great people and providing them with   an amazing life experience. We will   give you all the information you need   to make your move to the UK a smooth and stress free process. We will also introduce you to great landlords who will help find you suitable accommodation. 

We have already held seminars at the British Embassy in Lisbon and the Crowne Plaza hotel in Porto, where we met interested candidates and gave them information about our company, our opportunities and general living in the UK. ​

Find out more information;

Email and one of our team will happy to give you more information.

Future seminars; 

  • 20th February - Universidade NOVA de Lisboa 
  • 2pm and 6pm

Please feel free to bring any friends and family along with you, that may also be interested in our opportunities. 

If you haven't registered already, please click here to do so.