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New year, new you, new job

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January 2nd...back to work after the Christmas festivities and already daydreaming about another job? Then, start your job search today because now is the prime time. Companies are recruiting, meaning your potential employer could already be looking for you!

The ‘new year, new me’ message that is sprawled across all social media news feeds is pretty cliché but in this instance, it makes perfect sense. The start of a new year is the ideal time to start applying for an exciting new opportunity and this doesn’t always have to mean leaving your current work place. If you're happy in your current job role, this could be your chance to excel within your team or department.

Why January?

Despite January usually taking most of us an eternity to get back into the swing of working life, by the second week most companies and work places are back running in full motion. The recruitment days, interviews and hiring new talent all begins and with many companies having their ‘decision makers’ in the same place at the same time, it’s likely that you’ll get a ‘yes’ much quicker from the job that you want! If you don’t hear from them as soon as you’d like, always remember to follow up the interview with a call to your company contact.

New hiring budget 

Some companies receive their hiring budget for the year in January, meaning; more money, more chance of spendng thus money on new employees. All you’ve got to do is convince them that your the person they should spend some of the money on!

New vacancies 

Many employees wait until after their annual bonus to leave their jobs, so companies have new vacancies to fill and usually need to do so quickly. A quick job search is always worth a go to see what's around. 

Now, a new year can sometimes leave some of us feeling like we should or could be doing more, whether that’s within work or our personal life. Don’t be doomed by this feeling. This is positive, and this is you seeing your potential!

So, research the company you want to work for, whip your CV into shape and make the first step in finding a job you love!