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Emma Brotherton

How to retain super star staff

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Employee retention is crucial. Most managers agree that retaining good employees leads to the growth of a business.

If staff retention is failing, training sessions are wasted, knowledge is potentially lost and more time is then spent looking for new employees to fit the job role and criteria. So, instead of having to spend time looking for new employees, why not work with current employees to make sure that they’re happy?

Create a good work place culture

Culture can be used to recruit talented employees, and it makes a company or organization stand out from the rest. By creating a good work place culture, you’ll get happy employees leading to improved productivity and work ethic. From the minute people walk through the doors, they should know that the company is unique for its work place culture. It can also be used as a hiring tool to evaluate whether a candidate fits in with the company’s environment and principles. If they do, once hired they are more likely to stay!

Keep your employees up to date with the company’s vision

If a new initiative is starting in the company, ensure that you inform all your employees about key dates and information. When employees are clear about the goals and vision of a company, it enables them to work to their full potential and prevents the individual from feeling lost or confused about the company’s visualisation.

Provide opportunity to grow

Show employees regularly that there is a clear career path they can follow to get to where they want to be in the company. Most employees will want to grow in a company and their role, so ensure that you provide all the support and steps for them to do this.

Give regular feedback

Good, bad, amazing. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it is necessary. Employees like to know how they’re doing and they like reassurance. If they receive criticism, it allows them to alter the way in which they’re working and if they are complimented it provides them with confidence, both of which are beneficial to the individual.

Staff retention is key and by completing just one of these simple tips employees will respect a company and its values a lot more!