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Summer hospitality work fast approaching

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The nights are getting lighter and finally we’re set to receive some sunshine. After months of endless grey skies, battling the ‘beast from the east’ and the UK confirming again how incapable we are at dealing with some heavy snow fall, I think we’re all happy to see the Summer months fast approaching and with this, the hospitality industry booming! 

Thankfully businesses and hotels are starting to come back into action after the Christmas period. Tourism, warm Summer air, live music; a ‘top notch’ combination that encourages most of us to start venturing outdoors whilst not feeling so guilty about spending our disposable income. Most hotels will also start to see an increase in profit and sales due to many of us booking up our Summer holidays. So, how can you make sure you’re fully prepared for this busy period and maximise the potential of earning the big tips?

Find out the event dates

Once you’ve completed your registration, find out the dates of the upcoming hospitality events and get yourself booked in early. By doing this, you know when and where you’ll be working with plenty of notice and can then get plannning your own fun in the sun around your work schedule.

Check your uniform 

Organisation is key and will help you make a great first impression. Find out the uniform requirements prior to your first shift because no-one enjoys a morning of rushing around frantically in search of another black sock, or a clean white shirt just one hour before your start time. Prepare your clothes the night before and turn up looking professional and presentable. 

Do your homework on the events you’ll be working

Most of us spend endless hours scrolling our social media news feeds, so why not take five minutes out and research the events? Customers will value your knowledge. After all, it’s always good to have some ‘small talk’ chat in the bank to help you build rapport and earn your big tips.