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Graduated from University...what next?

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School, college, University; an uphill climb of education and learning. For most of us who’ve followed this path, graduating will be the peak of this journey but what’s the next steps now you’ve got your degree?

Research your chosen career path

Consider the demand for work in your chosen career and think about how the industry will potentially grow or shrink in coming years. We joke about the possibility of robots taking over our job roles, however we shouldn’t be naïve to this as technology is stronger than any man power and already impacts the way most of us live our lives already.

Remember a job doesn’t define you

So, you’ve secured your first ‘real’ job but find yourself at an anti-climax after riding the University rollercoaster for the past three years. There’s now pressure to get up, get dressed and out of the house before 9am and all for a job that you find relatively bearable or absolutely hate. We’ve all been there but remember your first job after graduating doesn’t define your career path, it’s simply just a stepping stone to get you to where you want to be next. The world is constantly changing so always imagine where you’d like to be in 12-18 months’ time.

Embrace being part of the millennial society    

Most of us spend hours a day scrolling through our news feeds on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter but maybe don’t link the potential to find a job at the same time. By clicking one button on LinkedIn, we’re able to connect and build relationships with companies and industry professionals from the comfort of our own homes, keeping the job searching process convenient and efficient. This social media platform essentially cuts out the middle man so we're able to interact directly with a specific person, instead of a HR department or Recriutment Manager.

Now, this blog doesn't have all the answers but I do hope it's thrown some ease your way. Remeber just because you've finished Univeristy and got you degree, it's ok that you don't know what you want to do next. Maybe start with what's going to make you happy and everything else should start falling into place!