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Making meetings manageable

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Meetings...for some of us an inconvenience, for some of us it’s half hour out of our day to kick back and relax. Whichever category you fall under, there’s no disputing the fact that meetings take all of us away from our desks and away from completing work on a regular basis. 

However, preparation, reminders and time keeping will help keep your meeting on track. 

Who really needs to be there?

When adding individuals to the meeting schedule, consider who actually needs to be present to finalise decisions. Think about the agenda points and think about how and why the specific information would concern the attendees directly. 

Stick to the agenda points

We all know how easy it can be to slip into the chair and start talking about weekend plans, the horrific morning you’ve had or what’s on the lunchtime menu so ensure the agenda points are clear and visible to the everyone from the start. By doing this, everyone is aware of the objectives and what needs to be accomplished. 

Stick to the time frame

Be realistic with how much time is needed to cover everything. If you can keep the meeting short and snappy, stick to it because people are more likely to absorb the information instead of returning to their desk feeling drained and in need of a siesta.

Suggest a stand-up meeting

Since we’re one month into the new year and most of us will be looking to slim down or gain some extra muscle, why not suggest a stand-up meeting and burn what’s left of the Christmas calories in the process? Research suggests that when people are at a discomfort, they’ll raise any problems and propose solutions quicker. 

Provide snacks and mid-day breaks

If you do have a meeting that runs for the entire day, be sure to provide snack breaks because ‘hangry’ employees are never ever going to be productive no matter how much coffee they've consumed beforehand. 

Now, we all know that not every meeting is going to be sunshine and rainbows, but these tips will hopefully pave the way for an optimistic outset.