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Pre interview preparation


Interviews – a living nightmare and unfortunately a necessity at the same time. Somewhat similar to airport security when you endure the long queues, shoes off, shoes on, belt off, belt on to eventually reach the departure lounge where the holiday...

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Paris Darknell Interviews, legalities...

What not to ask in an interview


As an interviewer it’s important that you keep the interview legal and relevant. Despite an interview being free to unusual questions and bizarre answers, there are some legalities behind the kind of questions that can be asked. These legalities a...

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Paris Darknell Awkward, Interview

Conquering the unusual interview questions!


Sweaty palms, shaky voice, blank mind… we can all relate to these pre interview symptoms that usually kick in around an hour before you shake the hand of the interviewee. Then twenty minutes into the interview, you feel more relaxed. You’ve delive...

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