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5 Steps into Recruitment!


5 Steps into Recruitment

Recruitment Consultants are effectively human resource specialists who help to source candidates and ultimately hire the best person for the job! As well as this, they work hard to coach and develop potential employees as well as assist them with outlining their key skills and strengths so that they stand out among the crowd in front of hiring managers. It is a hard, fast paced position that requires commitment and drive. It is also one of the most rewarding positions to work in.

So, you've decided you'd like to get into the world of recruitment and want to know how? Well, here's a few tips from some of our own, successful Consultants:

1.    Gain experience in dealing with people: You don't always have to be degree qualified to be successful in your chosen career. Experience is just as valuable to employers. Gain experience in customer service positions such as in a call centre environment or even behind a bar. The more you deal with people, the more you learn about effective communication which is key in the recruitment industry.

2.   Build on your negotiation skills: Recruitment is not as simple as people may think. It involves a huge amount of negotiation, persistence and excellent communication. A good negotiator will bring two parties together and mould an agreement that is acceptable for both. They do this by actively listening to the third party, reading body language and finding areas of compromise during meetings. An excellent negotiator must also be able to deliver on his promises after the meeting ends otherwise all future negotiations are in jeopardy.

3.   Manage your time effectively: Don’t ever confuse working long hours with working hard – this is a negative way to look at the day ahead. If you work efficiently and productively, you will get results. Work smarter, not longer! Plan what you would like to achieve the following day and set yourself an agenda. Tackle the ‘hard to-do’ tasks first and continue through the day with the tasks you enjoy. Keep track of your candidate’s capabilities so that positions are quick and easy to fill when clients require them.

4.   Be Tenacious! Keep hold of the situation no matter how frustrating some days become when candidates fail to turn up for interviews or leave a week after being placed. Don’t lose faith in your own abilities when suffering a knock back…….brush yourself off and keep going! Document your goals for the month and your mind will take them more seriously giving you more motivation to achieve them.

5.   Have the ability to work to deadlines: All jobs will make you feel under pressure at some point, especially if they involve working to deadlines or managing several tasks at once. To successfully work under pressure you must be able to prioritise and think clearly about how to best tackle your workload – being reactive in a stressful situation will add to the pressure. Instead, review the facts you’re presented with at a steady pace and respond to the situation with solutions. Remember to keep a clear head! 

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