Paris Darknell

Graduated from University...what next?


School, college, University; an uphill climb of education and learning. For most of us who’ve followed this path, graduating will be the peak of this journey but what’s the next steps now you’ve got your degree? Research your chosen career path Co...

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Paris Darknell

Making meetings manageable


Meetings...for some of us an inconvenience, for some of us it’s half hour out of our day to kick back and relax. Whichever category you fall under, there’s no disputing the fact that meetings take all of us away from our desks and away from comple...

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Paris Darknell New year

New year, new you, new job


Fed up of your current job and want a new one? Now is the best time to do it. Companies are recruiting, which means your potential employer may already be looking for you! The ‘new year, new me’ message that is sprawled across most media outlets i...

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Paris Darknell

Getting Christmas ready!


For some of us, two months prior to the big day we’re digging out the Christmas decorations and singing along to ‘Wham – Last Christmas’. However, we all know that some of the office or work place will throw around the “It’s too early” one liner u...

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Paris Darknell

How to retain super star staff


Employee retention is crucial. Most managers agree that retaining good employees leads to the growth of a business. If staff retention is failing, training sessions are wasted, knowledge is potentially lost and more time is then spent looking for ...

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Paris Darknell AWR, Pay...

AWR - know your rights as an agency worker


You’ve registered with an agency and started a new job, but what’s your rights? Pay You’re entitled to National Minimum Wage for all the hours you work, regardless of whether the hours have been recorded on a timesheet. It’s always useful to make ...

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Paris Darknell Recruitment, preparation...

Pre interview preparation


Interviews – a living nightmare and unfortunately a necessity at the same time. Somewhat similar to airport security when you endure the long queues, shoes off, shoes on, belt off, belt on to eventually reach the departure lounge where the holiday...

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Paris Darknell Interviews, legalities...

What not to ask in an interview


As an interviewer it’s important that you keep the interview legal and relevant. Despite an interview being free to unusual questions and bizarre answers, there are some legalities behind the kind of questions that can be asked. These legalities a...

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Paris Darknell Awkward, Interview

Conquering the unusual interview questions!


Sweaty palms, shaky voice, blank mind… we can all relate to these pre interview symptoms that usually kick in around an hour before you shake the hand of the interviewee. Then twenty minutes into the interview, you feel more relaxed. You’ve delive...

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5 Steps into Recruitment!


5 Steps into Recruitment Recruitment Consultants are effectively human resource specialists who help to source candidates and ultimately hire the best person for the job! As well as this, they work hard to coach and develop potential employees as ...

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